“MAYBE” Sick Puppies

Why would you move away from your kids?  TWICE…….

I tried Patron for the first time tonight.

Notre Dame beat USC , which is not The University of South Carolina……

So being completely inebriated is fun and freeing and just exhilirating.

53, it is over.  To many ??????’s. No answers. None.

Picturez of Tori.  NH people.  Life that was.  What the hell did I do wrong? Why was alcohol more attractive than us??? Flesh and blood….

Where is your code of honor, your sense of responsibility?

I was someone.  That left with my kids.

“Drunk words are honest words.”

Thanx Shawn.


It doesn’t matter, it NEVER WILL, IT IS OVER.  What was….

I fucked up, I did a hell of a job with 4 kids and a juvenile alcoholic.  I KEPT US IN A HOUSE–I kept it together in spite of what she was, what she did!!!

It doesn’t matter. Truly.  Whiny.  Let it go. Move on. (Really?)

Imagine if they lived up to their role in life!  Imagine if they earned their keep.

Imagine if they loved their own family.

Imagine if this hadn’t happened.

Imagine if the pain and fear never pervaded….

Imagine if fucking people did what they should….

Fuck this. Fuck them. 

I miss my kids.

I tried Patron for the first time tonight…..


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