Hoosierbound: More than a Pokemon Go player name

The AirBnB “Southern Comfort off 220” is closer to becoming a reality.  My Dad helped me all week.  He has 90% of the electric work done.  Two rooms are insulated.  Rebuilding the back wall has begun.  Quotes on installing an HVAC system and refinishing the wood floors are in process.  $$$$$$

It is so marvelous spending coin while unemployed.  Gulp….. 

If you are ever on 220 between Roanoke and Greensboro and you are heading hither and yon and in need of a place to stay for a night or two or 10 – come visit what will be the newest AirBnB in VA.  Hopefully ready by late August.

As with any project, more things pop up as walls are torn down.  Mysterious wiring and pesky bugs are all part of the fun.

It is not an ideal time to be buying building supplies.  $80 for a sheet of plywood!! I bought OSB instead, thank you very much!

I am beginning to doubt it will be ready by then though. 

There are still a lot of construction projects to begin and finish. Then I have to furnish the apartment.  It will happen, when is ambiguous-  still striving for late August.

I begin my new business venture in early September.

I will transition to Hoosierland late August and prepare for that adventure.

After four + years I finally get to be super close to Spaghetti Sam!! Surreal.

On my periodic trips back to VA the AirBnB will be my crash pad. My daughter and her friend are going to be in my house, so it will be very nice to have my “own” place.

Back to work – breaks over 🙂

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