Saw my STBX’S boyfriend at one of my accounts this week.

That really has nothing with this post.

“Choose a god you think is fair….”

Love that lyric. That is all.

Oh and God/god – if you are real you really, really suck [raises lightning deflector] if I was divine I would not allow my creation to be treated the way you in your omniscient, omnipresent state allow us to be treated.

Merry Christmas, Thanks Jesus!

Update: My amazing girlfriend just informed me the lyric is “Choose a God you think is there”

Well Fuck, I like mine better but this is a great lyric as well— kinda kills it for me though……lol

3 thoughts on “Monsters…

  1. This is my song that reminds me of my own ex. I used to cry when it came on the radio.
    I love shinedown. Craig and I had seen them just before I found out about the girlfriend. Before the nightmare that followed.

    They were also the first band I want to alone after our divorce.

    My song is Brilliant. It always lifts up my day.


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