It is time…

It’s time to move. I am starting to get things in order So I can sell my house and my business.

My 3 kids here in VA will be super duper crazy hard to drive away from. Yet as my 19 year old daughter said, ” Dad, we all have licenses and can also buy plane tickets.

Truth, but when I drive north on that moving day, things will change. They will never be the same.

But it is time for the new chapter to begin. For me to build a life with Sam. For Ohio weekends to be a vacation we go home from, not drive in opposite directions.

I did it!! I raised my AWESOME kids through the storms of alcoholism and infidelity. I love them so much and despair at times that I could have given them a better life. The past is done and over. They all have good lives and I will remain a part of them, just from farther away and I believe I have truly learned to cherish time more.

I am tearing up typing this, it is time. I am so, so excited. Sam it is going to be happening. Early January 2021. A little later than planned but it will be real!!!

I have 3 good prospects for the business. My BIL is coming from NH in July to put a new roof on the house. I just hired the guy who painted the inside of the house last year- he is going to finish the outside.

I found so many nice affordable houses up north, I gotta stop looking, lol!!

Anyone want to move to VA and buy a house and business? A house an a good income!!!!

6 thoughts on “It is time…

  1. Also- from someone who lives several provinces away from my parents- I have to say while I lived closer I made less of an effort to stay in touch properly. Now I have better conversations and more check ins from both sides to discuss life. Missing family doesn’t make it better or worse. It makes you aware of the change. And you and Sam deserve to be together more!!! From someone who has been doing the distance thing for almost a year now… Im jealous. Im jealous – but in the loving celebratory way for you- that it might end in a year or so. That it might mean you get to support each other day by day. That you can see what amazing co parents you can be in the new blended family you’re getting to build. Fuck cheating addicts and all their shit. I’m so happy for you two. Tour de Franc and I talk about being together but it’s still a ways away. I don’t even know when i will get to see him next in person, let alone when we can plan one of us moving to the other. So do it! Don’t put it off.

      1. I asked Sam to send you my name. Profile name changed to different from blog because of ex googling it and using my comments as fodder

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