Be Careful What you wish for!

Luke Combs

Refer to previous post.

Dear STBX:

Spaghetti Sam will absolutely bury you in a battle of wits. Primarily because you are unarmed.

I remember being distraught and destroyed every time you dissapeared in 2016 and 2017.

And you did not and still do not care that you emotionally wrecked me by your actions.

Guess what? I am getting better everyday and my amazing girlfriend is such a rock, such a marvelous caring, empathetic woman. A woman you repeatedly call childish names. Yet you can only dream in your drunken and drug fueled dreams of being as amazing as she is. You will never, ever be able to hold a candle to Sam. So…..

I do not feel bad for you- you devastated our family and are ALWAYS playing the victim in spite of the fact that you caused every problem that is such a huge part of your pathetic life- what’s that you lost job #4 since you walked into Viagra Firestud’s arms……

You are a horrible person. A mean, heartless alcoholic cheater. How is the grass on that side?

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