Religion — Bazinga!

I haven’t watched all of this but I find it extremely interesting.

I wonder what others think.

I grew up in a Baptist Pastors home. I am a PK!

I do not actively attend church. I do not tithe, have personal devotions, witness, take communion. I am not a practicing Christian.

Yet I believe in the creator, God, Jehovah, the Great I AM, the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Will I go to Heavan?

I believe that is God’s call.

All religions put requirements on entry to “The Good Place”. Works. Apparently the verbage is ‘covenants’ in Mormonism.

Power. Money. Control. The hallmarks of modern religion.

Why are so many people following and giving their time and money?

I believe that guilt and fear are the overall motivators for adherents to religion.

Joy and peace and freedom are somehow juxtaposed with guilt and fear.

I find religious discussion/debate fascinating and fall on the side of skeptic, but not unbeliever.

Would it not be nice to KNOW– what is the afterlife. Death. What happens next.

I gotta goto work…..

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