God of our Fathers can go to Hell

So I think I’m a little mad at my father. If you read my blog you know I grew up and he was a Baptist pastor most of my life.

Last night my mom and dad came to my daughter’s softball game. They sat pretty much next to my soon to be ex wife and her boyfriend.

That’s understandable because my mom sits in that same location each time she comes in her own chair that she brings, it is hard for her to get around.

So when my STBX gets up to leave in the 4th inning –she has to wake up at 4:00 a.m., she announces cause she’s working now- surprise!

My dad jokes with her and says “you’re not gonna stay for the nail biter”, my daughter was losing 16 to 1.

And the more I think about it that just rubs me the wrong way. He just jovially jokes around with her like she did not upend my life and my children’s lives. Like she’s not there with the guy she cheated with.

Dad, you direspected me big time.

The right/wrong/sin standards you profess to adhere don’t come into play for me.

I’m at work I really don’t have time to go into this issue. Suffice it to stay there was a time when my dad was very rude to my sister’s new boyfriend– wouldn’t even shake his hand.

Would that make you mad, irritated, upset?

It has been in the back of my mind today and just— Things like this make me wanna move now not wait 2 years so my daughter can finish college.

4 thoughts on “God of our Fathers can go to Hell

  1. I am actually super worried about this kind of situation. My parents are ministers. They don’t know about the cheating because I’m not airing this baggage to anyone publicly. I agreed to let people think whatever they wanted to for a quick and painless divorce process when we finally have funds to handle it. That includes my family. And frankly even if they did know, I know how it would end up, kinda. They want to always pray on and fix things and cheating isn’t fixable if the person doesn’t do the work, and ex won’t. He just won’t. He’s happy to be miserable and pretend he lost his wife to the big city and imply to people that I’m the adulterer. Never mind the years of abuse and hookers and shit. Whatever. So. My parents would think- god hates divorce, don’t do it. Work through it. I tried for two years and I just can’t. But they will still always want to love the ex and his family. And try to keep in touch and be active on social media. And… yknow what? Like so many other things I don’t agree with them in… this is one of those times I just don’t agree and their actions can just slide off me like Teflon. I’ve learned grey rock for the ex, but I can use it for their garbage too. Yep. God loves me more than he hates divorce, even if they don’t.

  2. Some people seem to have no ability to take a stand. It’s disappointing. My parents continue to contact my stbx. My teenage daughter is morally offended by this. I just don’t know.

    I am not surprised. Everyone has always expected me to be the bigger person, like I never feel hurt. My whole life. As a result, I’m fairly numb.

    I hate all this. Some days I want to move far away with my kids and never look back.


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