Hmmmmm. Good afternoon to you too.

This is the latest text I received from my STBX:

Mystifying. Out of the blue. I believe that I can infer from her text that she is angry. Generally wishing eternal hellfire implies anger.

Here is a textersation from Feb. 1st. —

I believe my STBX is mad that I did not act like a friend and confidant as she was once again slogging through the suicidal nightmare her sister thrust on us back on Jan. 30th, 2008. Read about her here: STBX sister in law

I am not heartless, yet her family has helped heap pain and misery on my kids– so when you decide to purposely dangle yourself from a string of christmas lights after downing a bottle of wine and possibly snorting who knows what all because your life is a mess due to continuous bad choices, then don’t expect me to spend my entire life mourning you. My STBX cares for noone but herself as evidenced by her abandonment of our 4 kids. She leans on the crutches of her sister’s suicide and her mother’s early demise due to alcoholism and is somehow oblivious to the fact that 4 LIVING children needed her. Parental Responsibility & duty were their right. You lean on the dead to garner sympathy for your pathetic pill popping alcohol fueled life. And then you wish unending torment on me?

And “the abuse” ? I will not dignify that bit of salacious fallacy with a response.

Katie is dead. She has been dead for 11 years. Your kids are still very much alive. You used to complain that your mom went downhill after the hanging, “she forgot her other 4 girls who are still here” BAZINGA, life comes full circle as your Steel Reserve nightmare continues to erode your grey matter.

I have blocked her again. She was unblocked to try and facilitate a settlement in the divorce. Yet she does not discuss the divorce but simply asks for items from the house. I do not understand why she does not aggressively seek divorce from me as she paints me as a horrible person.

I cannot wait to be completely untethered from her hellish life.

It sucks that I will one day not be her husband, but she will always be the kids mother.

Off to the company party with Spaghetti Sam!

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