October 20, 2018

So my son is getting married tomorrow. What an amazing venue:

I am going to escort my STBX to our seats as the grooms parents. She accused me of mental and physical abuse (this week I got her reply to my divorce filing and she is pathetically alleging the abuse and constructive abandonment) and said I literally kicked her out back in 2017 even though she had no place to go. Lies! Outright lies. I guess I could have said no I don’t want to walk her in or do the unity ceremony with her. They had an extra vial that must have been for her if we did it separately, and the brides Dad was going to escort my STBX in if we didn’t walk together.

I think the current arrangement makes my son’s fiance happy though.

(I am home now and just thinking: the DJ intros. Oh yeah.)

So here I am at the rehearsal dinner with my STBX’S Dad. Hmmm lol. So I walk with her then pour dirt into the unity plant as we hold onto the same vial. And I will smile. It is for C &C.

I have had a few adult beverages. This is like a movie. I want to adjust the script.

It will be fine. This wedding is gonna be awesome.

Yet she made it awkward, she wasn’t even invited to this rehearsal dinner. How sad is that. The things they steal!!!

Many years of happiness, C&C!!!!!

3 thoughts on “October 20, 2018

  1. I don’t know how you got through the day.
    I know Sam was/is a bit out of joint with the situation. I understand her feelings, but I hope she will get over it and the two of you can carry on. Life is just way too short. 🙃

  2. I use to just love going to weddings! Now I just want to scream don’t do it!
    I hope you can enjoy this special time for your son, I can’t imagine how awkward it is with her there 😳

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