Half a century. Half of that half a century wasted in a toxic relationship with a sociopath who was wasted on alcohol for years. 2 DUI’s and an assault arrest are evidence enough that she is horrible.

BUT, there is light, the end of the tunnel is amazing. The light is real and sincere!

What a change. Just a few years ago my house was busy with multiple kids and their activities. Now it is essentially me and a dog in a good sized house. My daughter is a Senior, this May she will be graduated from High School. This March 16th she will turn 18. I will no longer have any minor children. My role as parent will change dramatically. Well it has been slowly changing, her birthday will just have a symbolic finality and usher in a new chapter of my life.

It will be different. Different because the lying, cheating STBX has made it different with her awful life choices and selfish desertion of her family.

Yet we are all better off. A 12 year journey through a long dark smelly tunnel has brought us to that marvelous light.

The light is multi-faceted. The brightest ray?

Sam!! She threw me a fantastic surprise 50th birthday party.

She has changed my life. She has shown me true love. It may sound hokie and cliche. But it is what it is. REAL!!!!!

Compared to the quicksand I was standing on, I’m now on solid ground. Toxicity to truth. Lies to love. Deceit to depth. Crazy to complete.

I have never had such a great surprise. I’ve never had anyone put in so much effort into me.

It is very nice. I love it.

She gave me 50 presents! She prepared awesome food. My sister and daughter helped as well. She wanted to get a bounce house!!! That would’ve been so cool!

My two sons and daughter were there. My sister and brother and parents were there. I got some really cool gifts and a couple of $50 bills!!

My sister came from NH, 14 hrs.! My marvelous girlfriend came 10.5 hours from her home state! As Red Sox announcers are prone to exclaim, “Can you believe it?”

I have never written very regularly on my blog. I started this to get the poisonous thoughts out of my mind. To share them with myself, to stave off insanity.

The beautiful woman I met through blogging has made the blog obsolete in many ways. But maybe it’s just a new chapter. A turning point. Maybe now I can write about happiness and a good life. Life is good. Thank you, Sam. You are incredible!!

4 thoughts on “FIFTY

  1. The party sounds amazing! It took a lot of planning to get all those people together, too! Good job, Sam 🥂 And Hapoy Birthday, Mobster!!! 🥂🎉 You all finding true love with each other isn’t hokie at all. Not a bit!

    Although your early posts were mostly for yourself I understood the anger and where it came from so in a way it helped me, too.

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