WTF! Please holster your weapon…..

I’m outside working clearing up some of the debris from the wind storms of the winter. My son comes walking up and I see behind him what looks like some sort of law officer. Turns out it’s a Henry County Sheriff. Coming to check on Crazy STBX because there was a well person call put in for her a well person check was requested. So I wonder who the hell the idiot is called and sent them to my address she has not lived here since March 30th 2017 over a year ago. So I guess the door was open my son was listening the Red Sox game very loud working on pictures in a corner of the house. The officer sees the open door walks in; our house is kind of a wreck right now– I guess she has a gun out and is screaming STBX’s name. My son hears a scream thinks it’s the neighbors cuz the doors are open it’s a nice day. Then he hears another scream he comes walking out to see the officer with the gun drawn in my kitchen. I cannot wait to move. STBX is a moron an embarrassment to her entire family, a shame to her children.

Her craziness is still here 13 months after she left…….

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