Canal Winchester: another AirBnB weekend

The couple that blogs together stays together. Stats be damned:

We are here in Columbus, at Starbucks, blogging. Sam has wanted to blog together and today we finally are!

We are approaching 11 months as a couple. Suhweet. We have had some great adventures together. Columbus, OH. Ripley, Wv. Athens, OH. South Bend, IN. Fieldale, VA. Virginia Beach, VA. We have used AirBnB multiple times and have had great success. Great hosts and great accommodations.

Typically we cram a lot of activities into our weekends, but this weekend we decided to keep it quiet and relaxing and spent most of the weekend at the Roost ( the AirBnB we stayed at). We ventured out once to Wallyworld to get a few essentials we had forgotten.

At Wally world I proceeded to park “in China”. Sam teases me about parking far from store entrances, as did my STBX(!). So I decided to be funny. Here she is crawling into the driver’s seat to move closer. We kid around about how these young kids are getting rich Vlogging which is why I threw in the Hyundai promo, checks will probably start arriving soon.

Oops, that video is on her phone, I will add it later. Here is another related video, we had each others phones.

Squirrel:. The Red Sox are tearing it up. Best start in franchise history. Take that evil Empire…..

It feels like a World Series year!

But I digress. We are having yet another phenomenal weekend together.

I made egg sandwiches Saturday morning, and introduced my cutie to carrot juice.

She loved it. Okay that may be slightly inaccurate.

She is a wonderful cooker. She made shrimp alfedo and made the Alfredo from scratch. That was Saturday night. This morning she made us mushroom, bacon, Swiss, and spinach omelets. So good.

I know “cooker” is not correct, but it is humorous and what I say often, just because.

It is rainy here. Thankfully there is no snow like most of the Midwest is getting.

After Starbucks we are going to lunch, somewhere.

Our hosts this weekend were outstanding. She is a travel blogger. Apparently she cruises a lot as she writes about these experiences. It’s a rough life but somebody’s got to do it. check it out here: https://www.facebook com/cruisewriter/

Sam connected with her as she and Rockstar are going to be taking a cruise in the next few months.

It will be fantastic when our plans are carried out and I am able to see my baby girl graduate high school and get settled in her college plans. Then my house and business will hopefully sell quickly and I will move North and buy a new house, a new business and Sam and I will live happily ever after with our atrocious previous marriages quickly fading in the rear view of our memories. I know, I know there is really no “happily ever after”…

Yet I know we will achieve something close to couple nirvana. Why? Simply because we are honest, committed and transparent with each other. It will be work, but it is what we had both desired from our previous partners. We never ever experienced that. We are both so grateful and thankful to have found that. We both respect the pain and heartache we’ve gone through.

There is a lot to be done in the next 14 months. At the very least I have to paint my house and repair my roof. Trying to do that during a crazy hot southern summer is challenging. The interior of the house has at least six minor projects I need to get to. And I just started tearing the wallpaper off in three rooms so I really need to paint those as well. Those interior projects are not critical. I can sell the house without those being done. I have a meeting with a lawyer this week so I’m also wondering what will happen with the divorce and what percentage of the equity I will receive. My STBX had mentioned she was sending me paperwork, but this was about six weeks ago and I have not received anything. So I’m getting my own local lawyer to hopefully speed this divorce along. I am just so ready to be done with her, I just want to never have to see her again, never have to talk to her again to just move forward with an honest sincere real person and to get away from the toxicity of the STBX’s insane life.

Sam’s laptop is at 2%, so I’m going to end this scatter brained post.

Have a great weekend. đŸ˜€

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