So the weekends over I’m headed home 4:41 p.m. Sunday evening. One of the things Sam and I are going to do this year is start a budget. I’m very excited about this. I wanted to do it for years. It’s been a year since my life changed and she walked out, the stbx.

In that year I reduced my bills, I was able to get my housing costs under control and I streamlined my finances to the point where I now believe I make more than I spend. This is so amazing to me because for years we were struggling. I won’t even go into the whole fact that in the year that she left that Financial mess has begun to be straightened out quickly and what that means. Maybe I’ll write about that someday. All I know is I want to run out of the gate and get these finances better controlled it’ll be an exciting year. I’m going to use Quicken cuz I know it. So many good apps out there. Mint and acorn are two others.

Here we go.

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