2 thoughts on “Spaghetti Sam strikes again

  1. I’ve read a lot of her stuff. I’m so sorry for what you’ve both been thru but so glad you have each other now!
    I’m sort of in the midst of this although it happened over two years ago and my husband swears no affair but it’s been crazy! Been married over 30 years.
    They don’t work together anymore. We went to two disastrous counselors. She has messed with me a few times on FB in the last 16 months.
    My husband swears no affair and swears no affair. He did hide money. I caught him and he coughed it all up. Only crazy circumstantial evidence until the money.
    Some days I still feel crazy!
    You won’t be able to email on this old one. Somebody keeps changing passwords…

    1. So awful to hear all the stories of us going through this. You read Sam and you know about chumplady it seems like you need to leave him—- fast. I can attest that it only gets better once they are out of your life

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