2017 changed everything.

Thank You, WordPress, back in 2017 you made it possible for me to meet the most wonderful person. She’s changed my life. I love her with all my heart. I’m going to spend the rest of my life with her. She also writes a Blog and has a similar story to mine which is how we met: commenting on each other’s blogs. We have had a long-distance relationship since. It took off like a rocket ship and is still soaring into outer space.

We live 10 1/2 hours from each other, over 600 miles. We have seen each other quite a few weekends. Either I travel up to see her or she comes down to see me or we meet in the middle. The weekends are magical. Our children have met each other, she came down to visit with her kids New Years, we got to spend New Year’s together ushering out 2017 bringing in 2018. Things are going well in that aspect as we had concerns at the beginning as to how the kids would react. Particularly mine as hers seemed to accept me right off the bat.

It is amazing. She is amazing. When we were first talking I said I wish I had a helicopter so I could fly out to see her. Every time we’ve gotten together she brings me a little toy helicopter. It’s the little things that really show you care.

I will never forget the first time I saw her in person, she literally bounded out of her car. She was just so motivated and happy. I knew then.

She has worried about it being too quick for me and her simply being a replacement. But my story attests to the fact that even though it was not long after my STBX left that we met, the carnage in my marriage had been going on for 12 years between the drinking the lies and the cheating.

She on the other hand had two years between when her ex walked out and we met. Two horrible, horrible years that are documented in her blog. Very hard to read the posts detailing that time in her life. She is incredibly strong, articulate, funny, beautiful, caring, empathetic, loving: an incredible person! She leaves me speechless.

She sends me sweetness:

The plan is to be living in the same city by the middle of 2019. In the words of the old ketchup commercial_____ANTICIPATION!

So kudos to WordPress. Obviously it’s not a dating site. But the commonality of our stories drew us together as we read each other’s blogs. What we have leaves me breathless: the peace, love and contentment that we share is so refreshing. We often say we are the same person. There’s a song by the group Kodaline titled “The One” https://youtu.be/gVILookzrPw (one of many songs we claimed as our own.)

Baby, it’s amazing, I love U! YOU are the one.

Check out her blog here: https://arewestillhavingspaghetti.wordpress.com

If the horrors of infidelity have invaded your life, I am sure you can relate to some of what she writes.

10 thoughts on “2017 changed everything.

  1. Since I’ve been reading both of your blogs for ages this is a wonderful surprise twist ending/new beginning! Congratulations to both you and Sam! Very cool that as you processed your individual situations online, helping others process their own situations, you connected šŸ’•

    Big ((hugs)) to you both šŸ˜Š

      1. Thank you for the assumed intelligence on my part šŸ˜‚ Think I was probably too busy with my own drama to see the forest for the trees!

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