Closure & Respect

My son went to the funeral of the old gentleman who passed away in Sunday’s wreck.

I hope he gets some peace of mind.  I hope the family treats him well.

He had surgery on his arm yesterday.  Both the ulna and the other bone were set with plates.

When he woke up he was crying.  He said all he could think about was that gentleman. The nurse was an amazing professional.  The empathy she showed was incredible.

I know anesthesia magnifies emotion, but there were two other minor surgeries when he was younger and he woke up silly.   This time sadness was the only emotion.  I am pretty sure he will be fine.  He worked through his mom’s mess and I believe he is doing that with this.

I’m impressed.  He looked up the funeral arrangements at some point yesterday.   He was in the hospital from 9:30- 6:30 and in pain afterwards.  Yet he is there now paying his last respects to a stranger that crashed into his life.

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