The one where life turns to death 

My son was in a car accident yesterday afternoon.

It was not his fault, an older  gentleman pulled out in front of him. My son in his tiny car T-boned his large sedan at approximately 40-50 mph.

 My son is going tomorrow to have pins put in his arm.

After the accident, my son went over to check on the other car.  No words were exchanged, they just looked at each other, I believe.  I think that image of the older gentleman is forever burned into my son’s memory.  

At the hospital my son was  worried and visibly upset, wondering how the  gentleman was.  His friend told us he was fine, just a little trouble breathing.

He died.

Torn aorta, undetected.


8 thoughts on “The one where life turns to death 

  1. I can only imagine how your son feels. He knows it’s not his fault, but emotionally feels some kind of connection. Glad your son is safe and I’ll pray for his mental peace dealing with it. Also prayers for the older man’s family. What an especially rough time of year for that to happen.

  2. I’m so glad he’s okay. My son wrecked his car last year also and it was scary! As tragic as this is, I hope he realizes it wasn’t his fault!

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